Grading Services

Kingslayer Games is now offering Grading Services for submission to PSA. 

Update 3/9/2021: Rates updated to reflect demand.

On 3/1/2021 PSA rolled out a price increase and a new method for anticipating turnaround times called Complete Through Dates. You can read all about those changes here:

  • Minimum grading order of $100 for all submissions.
  • We send multiple orders to PSA every week. 
  • *Turnaround times are heavily impacted and only estimates. 

Cards can be sent to:

Kingslayer Games

11213 Slater Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


When mailing in your cards you MUST fill out our submission form and include inside your shipment. Please use resealable bags (not tape) to avoid cards being damaged. We are not responsible for lost mail or damaged mail. We recommend that you insure your orders when sending them to Kingslayer Games.


Review Service

Kingslayer Games offers a comprehensive review service for trading cards and sports cards. For $3 per card we will provide a detailed printout that includes the Card Title, Estimate, Notes and Recommended Service. 


How quickly will you submit my cards to PSA?

Value service is submitted once per week while all other service levels are sent the next business day.

Can I drop off cards at the retail store?

Yes we take submissions in store daily. Just stop by, fill out our form and we will get you set up. 


How will I get my cards back?

You can pick up your graded cards in store when they return or we can ship them to you. All return shipping costs will be paid for by you. 


Does this include insurance?

Your cards are insured at Kingslayer Games, in-transit to PSA and on the return journey from PSA to Kingslayer.