3/30 Lake Forest 12PM Saturday Slime and Punishment D&D One Shot

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Lake Forest 3/30 12PM Saturday Noon

This is purely an advertisement, please sign up for the event through our Discord!

Welcome, Adventurer! 

Change is on the horizon! We are rolling out some exciting updates for D&D at Kingslayer: Moving forward, All D&D is FREE! In lieu of an entry fee, we strongly suggest a donation to the DM in the amount of $10! Organization and coordination for these events will be helmed by the DMs through our discord channel so if you are interested in participating, please head there! 

Discord Link



Kingslayer Chronicles is a persistent Role Playing Game using 5e D&D rules, with some modifications. Our very own Kingslayer Dungeon Masters have been behind the scenes world building, character designing and monster sharpening! 


Kingslayer Chronicles continues with a part three of four “One Shot” adventures, starting with Slime and Punishment:


Val Dezrex (she, her) a half-orc lieutenant in the Halvarians
(Copper Guard) tells you some waste management workers, Duster's Disposal Center, told the
Halvarians about a fire at their facility. Investigating this, they tracked some guards investigating
the fire and overheard them speaking about a crack in the wall.
While she’s not totally against bringing the wall down, it would be better for the Halvarians if they
were in the loop so things don’t go against them in the fallout. She will commission the party to


Kingslayer Chronicles Prologues:
Part I: Strange Squelches by Sarah Kouklis
Part II: Page Turnin’ Oooze Burnin’ by Daniel Gil
Part III: Slime and Punishment
Part IV: A Night at the Museum


Followed up with Season 1 of Kingslayer Chronicles coming soon!

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