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 Selling Magic Has Never Been This Easy 

At Kingslayer Games, we pride ourselves with providing an efficient system for selling your Magic cards. If you need any assistance please contact us at if you cannot find an answer below. 

Buylist Instructions

Step 1 – Use the search bar or "Buylist Search" below to find the cards you wish to sell and add quantities to your cart.

Step 2 – Once you finish adding cards to your Sell Cart, click “Submit ”

Step 3 – Choose if you want PayPal, check or store credit.

Step 4 – Wait for an approval email to be sent to you and double-check the quantities and prices in case of any changes.

Step 5 – Sort the cards in the order shown in your cart, as it may take more time to process your sale if they are not in the correct order, as well as additional sorting fees being deducted from your total.

Step 6 – Carefully package and ship the cards to our store address.

All cards must be delivered to Kingslayer Games within 7 days of order approval due to the volatile changes in prices. 

How to Pack Cards 

1 – Include your name and order number.

2 – Sort singles in the order they appear on the invoice.

3 – Cards should be secured in a hard shell case. 

4 – Cards must be unsleeved with the exception of cards over $30.

5 – Tracking and insurance are encouraged. 

6 – Send your cards to the address below.

Kingslayer Games

11213 Slater Ave

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


1 – Once your order is received we will verify the contents and update you within 24 hours. 

2 – Your cards will be graded and you will be sent an email confirmation of the total.

3 – PayPal and Store Credit will be issued on the same day received in most cases. 

4 – Checks are mailed within one business day. 

Pricing Method

All of our buy prices defailt to Near Mint copies. Please reference this chart in determining what our offers will be after we review your cards for condition.  

Cart Price 85% 80% 70% 60%
Cash Example
$25.00 $21.25 $17.00 $11.90 $7.14
Store Credit Example (+30%)
$32.75 SC $27.62 SC $22.1 SC $15.47 SC $9.28 SC
Note: Some cards in the the following sets vary widely based on condition. Please email if you have cards from these sets.

Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Antiquities, Legends and Arabian Nights.

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